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The sad part of the notation above is that Adam will never again face those painful surgeries, but Adam's struggle for life is still a story of bravery, unrequited love and a child who brought his family a joy that will last an eternity. My name is Paul and the children on this site, including Adam, often refer to me as Uncle Paul except one. You see, Steven is Adam's oldest brother and also my son while the other children are Steven's brothers and a sister  ... the children of Daisy and Tony. Get the picture? It is the ultimate reward of maintaining a good relationship with a spouse, after a divorce. That being said, this site is about a very special and very brave little boy, his parents, and his siblings. You will notice references are often made about Adam throughout this site as if he were still alive. That isn't an error ... it is intentional. While Adam may not be here on this planet, I along with his family, take comfort in knowing that Adam ... the person whose spirit occupied a small, frail human body ... is alive in Heaven. This web site was created just after Adam's fourth birthday and only a couple of weeks before passed away.

On May 19, 2001, Adam's family was separated by hundreds of miles for the first time since Adam was born just over 4 years ago. This courageous child, even though he didn't comprehend, was going to undergo his FIFTH open heart surgery. This time the procedure required one of the world's leading specialists located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (USA). One of Adam's grandmothers moved in to watch his brothers and sister while his parents accompanied him to Oklahoma. His mother, Daisy, would have returned after a week while Tony was to remain until Adam recovered and able to travel back to Augusta, Georgia (USA). Instead, two devastated parents returned together to await the arrival of their darling child who would be flown back in a small casket. The story of Adam starts about a month before he was born and you can read about his FIRST YEAR

The first four years were always filled with the stark reality, for Adam's family, that life is precious and carries no promise of tomorrow. Each day was seen as another gift from God who allowed Adam to be with them. His parents will be the first to tell you his life on Earth was through the grace of God, the skill of doctors, the care of nurses and other medical professionals, and enhanced by the love of family ... in that order. While medical personnel were able to assist with the miracle of his life since he wa born, it was his loving FAMILY that was the MOST important part of who Adam during his life on Earth. Likewise, Adam has left his family only in body, but a precious part of his beautiful spirit will always live on in each member of his family. 

Adam not only survived four previous heart surgeries to correct problems, but he had been through a number of other procedures and surgeries ... yet he never understand how fragile was his life. To watch Adam, he is just like any other child who enjoyed playing, watching cartoons and Disney videos, and trying to keep up with his siblings. His older brothers, Steven, Ryan, and Jonathan, understood the need to handle Adam with care, but his younger sister Katie didn't. With blood thinners in his system, care had to be taken that Adam didn't get the normal cuts and scrapes other children his age would easily survive. His older brothers were schooled at home to reduce the risk of dragging home colds, the flu, and other illnesses. You can take a moment to see more of Adam and the rest of the family in the PHOTO ALBUM

Rather shy when you first met, Adam was well adjusted within the family and would warm up to you after taking a little time to "investigate" from a distance. Small for his age, Adam didn't say much. It is easy to understand the trauma of a tube in his throat, during his first year and a feeding tube in his nose, delayed the practice most babies have of communicating through cries, coos, and babbling. On May 19th, Adam accompanied his parents to Oklahoma City for one more critical operation. Doctors hoped this would be the last heart operation for Adam. You can read more about this OPERATION which ironically was successful in the technical aspects. The scar tissue from the previous operations, however, took their toll. That night, continuous bleeding following the operation eventually caused the heart to stop at one point. In spite of the valiant efforts of doctors to revive Adam, the fourteen agonizing minutes to start that precious heart was far too long. Summoned by the hospital chaplain, Tony and Daisy raced from the floor below only to watch in horror and disbelief as medical personnel worked feverishly to revive Adam. Daisy was in shock ... as if it were all a horrific nightmare ... while Tony landed on his knees begging God to spare his precious son. On May 24, 2001, Adam was removed from the life support system that was keeping only his body alive. 

The UPDATE page chronicles Adam's last few weeks from the time this web site was created, before the operation, until the last time I entered anything. Adam's grandmother and Steven kept me informed of what often were hourly calls during that last day on May 24, 2001. From the UPDATE page you will find a link to notes about what occurred afterward, as I remember them, and probably most precious of all ... some of Daisy's private thoughts sometimes expressed in agonizing detail.

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